Make 6* Tara more easily accessible

This character could be interesting to use as some kind of f2p Madison. But it is really hard to get the earrings in FA if you don’t farm it. Same fore the flare gun to upgrade her.
Is Tara supposed to not be obtainable for the casual player ?


Never gonna happen. Shes the carrot on the stick so they can give f2p players the illusion that they could earn a premiere type toon. The joke is on us for thinking she would be obtainable. Only the whales will get her and the funny thing is they wouldn’t even use her once they have her.


I agree but even whales can’t get her without FA farming, the earrings were never given elsewhere

I know and they are pretty much the only ones who bothered to raid the tickets from the dead factions. At least in my region. The lower factions are probably not aware that they could do this too. It has stopped so either they got bored or ran out of dead factions to steal from.

I got lucky and got 3 gold earrings early on, that 4th eludes me completely though :angry:

I’d pay a small amount for the missing earring (baring in my mind my idea of small and Scopely’s differ massively I can’t see this ever happening)


What is I told you u will need 7 flare guns to get that 5s Tara to 6s Tara then another 8? To max her out… Would you still pay for that earring?

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I have the 7 needed to get her to 6* so yes i would. If RNG had treated me differently I’m not sure that answer would be the same

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Without sounding like a dumbass, could someone pleaz explain wat f2p means or wat it is?

F2P - Free to Play - players who don’t spend
P2P - Pay to Play - players who spend


Ty lanybob,

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