Make 6* great again

An extra 30 lvl will be great scopley .
Since you have no plans to stop 6* promo at least make them worthy.
An extra 15-30 lvl with rings only for 6* (not the S class) that gives an extra 10-25 % in total status will be fair .
Since we all knew S class have an average of 200% status comparing to 6* .
I am sure no one will say no if you do this scopley.

For example
Your last promo Kyle will have a max status like this

Att 2400 def 3800 hp 2400

It’s nothing comparing to S class , but it will help a little bit for both players and the company.

How ?
1 - The players will pull again for 6*
2- more lvl means more gears , and you want to sell gears right ?

Just think about it.

They should have kept rings to 6 star only, to allow bridging the gap somewhat between 6 and S


They don’t even increase odds for this trash,What’s the point? Ooo look at me I got a bird stooooooopud.


I’m not sure, but veteran rings was suposed to be this extra boost on 6* toons haha, just kidding. But my point is: the real issue with rings is they still very inaccessible since each toon request a big amount of them and if you ain’t a big spender you won’t earn so much from arenas.

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