Make 5* relevant again


Especially if you are going to keep making them. Every other war should be 5* only or have team grade requirements. No team higher than s2. I would like to be able to use the toons I have paid for. Throwback wars. I’ve heard some factions doing this. Scopely needs to do it. You have requirements on at and roadmaps sure it would be easy to do it for war. MAKE WAR GREAT AGAIN


there is only one way to make 5*s relevant, make them ascendable.



True. To sad though. I like the 6s but doesn’t matter which 5 I face I can destroy them in one turn. I want to be able to use my dual chonnes again without boobs one shorting her


I have 2 of her. Sadly they’re gathering dust now. She was definitely one of my favourite toons. :slightly_frowning_face:


I would appreciate a weekday blitz style 5* war just to see the shitshorm and outcries on the forum from people bitching about it lol



I like the idea of a throwback war of 5* or lower. Would be nice change of pace.