Major problem I need help

I recently got a new phone and got rid of my old device , I tried to download the game again and link it up with Facebook only to realise that I’d deleted my Facebook account a year ago and can’t reactivate it , is it possible to get my account back as I’m level 100+ and I have my 9 letter account code to said profile

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Do you have any receipts from the game?

I don’t think so I’m a f2p player I have made purchase years ago but on my previous device not the one I’m changing from now

I have already had to start over once before and I’m not gonna put the effort in again not with how far I’ve gotten now and the 6* roster I’ve accumulated

Support will only recover an account if you have a receipt to prove it’s yours. You can find it on your Google/IOS purchase history think. I don’t think the age of the receipt matters, as long as it’s the right account

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Okay thanks man appreciate the info

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Here is what you do, On your old device that the game is on, you may need to go somewhere there is wifi. Unlink your account. Then on new device make a dummy fb acct. then on old device relink your account with new fb info & you can now move it over. I just did this myself & support gave me these instructions.


You are an absolute legend of legends bro ive transfered it over successfully thank you so much



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You had the perfect out…

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