Major Issues - Amazon App Store / Google Play store / Game lockouts




I need help, this is such a mess with the game update releases.

Yesterday my kindle was forced to update to v11 from the Amazon app store, this wasn’t an issue and after the gear map bug I was able to play as normal, however there has been no sign of the v11 update on the play store. This has meant I’ve had to install the amazon app store app on my phone and install the game via that to play on the move.

In the last few minutes I’ve had a hard pop up telling me I MUST UPDATE to carry on playing. This would be fine if ANY UPDATE WAS ACTUALLY AVAILABLE

I’m now locked out of the game on 2 devices with no update available in the play store or the amazon app store and hence unable to do anything myself to resolve.

How long until the v11 update is released to play store and why on earth were the releases staggered if it was a forced update?

The whole update procedure is a broken mess it seems.


I just had a update about that time. Try restarting your device…


Cheers for response, device restarted and nothing yet.

e2a - I’m uk, are you?


EN-US player


That may be why you’ve seen it and I have yet to as yet, will keep an eye out.



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