Major Issue, Need Help!


So I was given a “forced update”. When redirected to the play store, I received the message “This version isn’t compatible with your device” which I’ve seen other forum threads about. I run a Galaxy S7. I cleared cache and rebooted the phone, same problem. I had hoped that by uninstalling and downloading again, the problem would sort itself out but now the game isn’t even showing up in the Play Store for me! Please help


This was like 2 posts down…


Check out this thread


Yep, seen that thread, but doesn’t help my situation as I don’t even have the game installed on my phone anymore and it’s not showing up in the store


Check the history of installed apps.

Swipe right in playstore, my apps and games then library at the top. Thats a list of all games you’ve ever installed. It may be there. If not… dunno.


It’s not showing up in his history of installed apps.


The team is looking into this!
Thank you for bringing it to our attention!