Maiximum number of likes?

I’m getting this message when I click heart (like) on post “You’ve reached the maximum number of likes today. Please wait 418101.95993152034 hours before trying again.”

Bugs are spilling on forums?


Perhaps it’s time for somebody to check themselves into LA meetings.

I too am getting the same message…


Haha does it really say that ridiculous number? Mine always tells me the correct Hours or Minutes till I can like again.

It seems like it is fixed, but who knows, I’m spreading too much love it seems…


Haha I just reached my limit @discourse


Strange, it also didn’t give me the warning telling me I only have a few likes left for the day.

@techmando any chance u can move this to the “Site Feedback” category. That is where posts about the forums platform should go so Discource can see them.

Moved this topic to Site Feedback :slight_smile:


Ahh so that’s why I don’t get more likes you have all reached your daily limit already… phew I was starting to think people didn’t like me


I’m running into that a lot!

Guess I gotta be more miserly with the likes

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Once you post more, read more, reply to comments more, you’ll become more ‘trusted’ which will give you a higher maximum of likes, posts etc you can do every day. It doesn’t take long. It really doesn’t. Simply just be active.

I really really need them to come up with a joking / being silly font so people can tell when I’m serious or just taking the p…

Oh bugger. I need more coffee I think :rofl::rofl::rofl: sorry! Haha

Thanks for the heads up. We discovered this earlier today and a fix is
being deployed right now. Hold your fire…


Thanks @discourse !

This. This is why I chose this platform. This is why I switched us. :slight_smile:
Fun fact, we haven’t heard from vbulletin in YEARS. lol

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Woot! Totally welcome Shane. Happy to be of service.

– Hawk

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Wow… great customer service…

*taps foot…