Maintenance while there is war?really?


What the chuff??? Why is there a maintenance while there is war???

Are you for real
Really server maintained at war
Server maintenance during war
Server maintenance?
Good Timing Scopely
Server Maintenance now?!?!

They have to fix the tower bug. What better time then at the end of war lol


I’m unable to to partake in the war due to server maintenance. This has been going on and off since last night. And now I’m in able to access the game intirely. Is there any clue as to when this is fixed. This is costing me my milestone reward. Which makes me not so happy camper.


Are you kidding?

I was wondering should I post in bug sections



Seriously!!! Server maintenance during war??


We were right on the battle field as it hit… lame


My guess is because they put up two 4* parts roadmaps up by mistake, absolutely useless


Fixing the tower glitch I guess? Coulda waited 50 minutes tho.


Yep my thoughts too. I was doing one said road map lol


I saw those 2 roadmaps, with all the bugmania going around that was actually a nice thing.


Def with the toadmap


It’s still there, do it while you can haha


Lol got the maintence message. Did complete one level. Lol


Can’t… server still in and out of maintenance. This is epic!!


Seriously, having to take production servers down to apply changes is so poor


At least wait til war was over lol.


And now network issues. Bad timing I’d say.


So an hour left of war, nearly at my milestones even tho you basically fucked anyone who wasn’t american and now the servers are down for maintenance, a two year old would do a better job, just about done with this bullshit.


Yep same as well. I think its bc of tge double weapon parts they put up