Maintenance in the middle of onslaught

Who does this, I mean come on guys, this is ridiculous, right in the middle of an attack. Get it together over there



Not only that, but now every time I enter a battle I get kicked out of game. Brilliant.






What the hell is going on @JB.Scopely

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Nice to see the coin offer box still works though. Everytime the game crashes first thing I see when it returns is that coin offer. About 20 crashes during battles and a raid in last 15 minutes. Get your sh!t together Scopely.


Other people in my faction don’t seem to have the same issue… what’s going on?

my game keeps crashing like crazy

Don’t worry. I’m sure, like every other mobile game, they will compensate us for this inconvenience…


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They don’t care, keep spending…sorry…surviving!

that will teach you to participate in this awful event anyways , KILL ONSLAUHT … KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

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Hahaaa, good stuff

Anything I do I get booted, level up, whatever I try I get kicked

Try turning WiFi on and off, that fixed the issue for me.

Sorry turning Wifi on and off did not work for me. Also tried shutting down and restarting tablet several times. It isn’t working and every time the game comes back on a coin offer box for $39 is right there on the screen.

Can’t you guys read smh. They said they were going to do maintenance on here and in pm on the game.

I did read, it said 5pm PDT yesterday

Maybe you should learn how to read

Brilliant move there Scopes.

Go fork yourselves.