Main problem about YGL mission & Scavenger Camp

1- scavenger camp mission show limit 15
2- when upgrade scavenger camp and complete gold quests showing new missions
3- if your all scavenger camp level 10 & did not do unlock (gold) missions after Silence is Golden mission, best chance for show YGL mission

1- long-term missions locked
2- There are fewer different missions than high level camp
3- still showing 15 missions on same time

So, what scopely can do for this

1- An option to block missions that we do not want to show can be added.
2- upgrade mission show limit with scavenger camp level (like level 1 camp - 15 missions, level 20 camp - 34 missions)
3- Change one camp to ’ prestige scavenger camp’ and always show only prestige missions on this camp

I think players will always complain about the YGL mission if one step is not taken for this problem.


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