Maim resist Lance vs. Kapoor?!

This is a new low, even for you guys, Scopely…

Giving everyone Kapoor virtually for free, knowing very well the F2P need him REALLY BAD, and then render him useless in 50% of the cases… Nice work on closing the gap, @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @TayTron:expressionless: :money_mouth_face:


Just make lance s class how yall did with secretary guo. (To scopely)

Maybe he will be the next F2P S Class

His to shit for a promo…

Naaaah. The leak got the “promo message” too…

How can you call 100% heal resist to 5, for 3 turns, attack up block, defense down block, 50% heal to all and maim resist to all, shit?!
Maybe we’re playing different games?!
It basically annihilates Kapoors’s AR and Christa’s active, as she can’t perform defense down anymore… Use him with S Class Pete and you basically have maim all covered!!!


This is scopely %50 is more like 0.005%. Bleed teams will bleed them out exhaust will kill them out. Few 6s that recover from all penalties get deal with it for one turn. Also s class era laopo probably one shot him behind a diego

He also does the dishes, empties the trash, does the shopping, runs you a bath after a hard days work, puts ur kids to bed, cleans the house and as for his specialist weapon, im sure you guys can fill in the rest :wink:

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Kapoor’s maim is hardly relevant anyway, he’s all about the heal, tenacity and maybe def buff.

And the people willing to spend on a 6* promo now will not have any problems with Kapoor anyway.

Rad scarf douche.

I was talking about the gesture, more… Kapoor and Christa were of great help to the F2P player base… Now that help has been reduced…

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I don’t think it’s useless, but there are a lot of other options that can do a better job than he does in the current meta. I’d rather use 5* Priya to constantly lock down 3 S-class for 2 turns rather than use Lance to mitigate the S-class after they use their actives/ARs.

That said however, he has a nice active skill

I don’t think they were a great help to the F2P player base at all, personally. They were disastrous for me. But anyway.

All toons will have counters. That’s a core part of a strategy game.

I think it’s a good thing that they are playing around with leader skills; this should in principle lead to more interesting game play (as long as they are not as stupid as Raulito’s, at least). We’ve had all the same “double stat buff or bonus ap” leaders for years.

Why would you expect anything different from this sham of a company. They only cater to spenders.

When they throw a bone to F2P, it’s always soaked in old school anti-freeze.


Kapoor is already pretty meh anyway

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