Maim questions?

If a character dies with maim then is revived do they still have maim.

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They do not. Maim is a curable status. Only curable status not affected by death is Heal Block.


Just to make sure this damage is blocked by guardian shield right?

Yes, Guardian shield blocks maim

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What exactly is maim I mean what does it even do???

Thanks man

Maim does set damage that can’t be healed. So in negan’s case he will do 600 damage to a line regardless less of defence buffs, weapons, leader skill, or evasion. And the 600 can not be healed nor is it taken into account when healing. Ex. If you have 1000 max hp and he hits for 600 and then you are healed for 10% you will only be healed 40hp not 100.

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Hello - when a toon is killed with Maim, when revived they still show the maim health bar. They are able to be healed again but the maim bar is still listed. Is this a visual error? Or if the toon is maimed again, will maim start at that point or at the beginning again? @CombatMan

Hm glad I saw this. It is stated as damage in the description though limits its usefulness with them guardians afoot

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So makes execution even more useless gotcha

Actually this is a good thing for Execution. My understanding of this is if for example your toon had 1000 hp. 20% would be 200. So when the toon has 200 HP or less, execute can occur killing the toon.

With maim, this would decrease the total HP a toon could have. So say they had 200 maim damage, the total HP would become 800. 20% of 800 is 160 HP. Meaning you would have to get the health lower in this case.

That is how I read the above at least :slight_smile:

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No, not really. @Sleepless has it right.

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That would be a bug that I have not seen before (I did test around reviving). I’ll take a look at this again.

I think you misread what Agrajag wrote in his description of Maim. For a character that has 1000 base HP, even if they’re maimed, when they’re at < 200 HP Execution will still be able to trigger, so the enemy doesn’t have to be below 80 HP if the character was maimed for 600 damage by Negan

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This is good

I want to see maim characters that are in the future have better damage. I like maim personally its just the amount of damage that negan give and shiva give are just laughable and the fact tripp can heal maim is just defeating the whole purpose of maim.

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Tripp isn’t a factor, he’s a 5* so kill him in 2 hits round 1.

The real problem is Shiva sucks :frowning:

What’s the point of maim if it’s curable.