Maim is not functioning properly as of 05.02.19, video and description inside


Hoping the update later this week actually fixes Dale’s rush, will believe it when i see it… hoping for the best


Thanks for your patience? Really? So I’m supposed to just leave Morgan on my bench to collect dust until March? By that time he’ll be obsolete with all the new gen 2 toons coming out. Months have gone by and anyone who has Morgan should be compensated in some way for broken goods and services. Would be the same if I bought almost anything online or in the store and it’s broken and you would get your money back or maybe there would be a recall on the product because it’s faulty or broken. You guys were able to correct the Andrea shield situation super fast and you were able to come up with an update but no time to fix a broken toon? Just shows how pathetic of a company you guys are running.


Exactly on this…

The shelf life on a toon in this game is roughly 6 weeks … every other week there is a toon to counteract previous promo’d toon, so naturally most people dont even use many toons after a month

but to have a great promo toon who is 95% of the time chosen on auto with raids/sr etc to be bugged for so long, to have to be told to wait until next client update then once it does finds it still is bugged (it still is bugged but in a different way than before) is outright disgusting.

things should definitely be put in place for players who have purchased this toon to either get
A) all coins used for him
b) more likely bloody shirt … K.O.S


All we can do until then is express your grievences. Or at least, you guys can, I don’t have Morgan.


While I appreciate this getting adressed and fixed, I have to agree with the gentlemen above me: Scopely has lots of room for improvement in the “keeping your customers happy” department. Compensations and apologetic rewards are nowhere to be seen. And let’s be honest, there is a lot you guys have to apologize for. All the time.

At some point you must realize that “thanks for your patience” isn’t gonna cut it?

Anyway, again, thanks for fixing this particular issue.

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