Maim is not functioning properly as of 05.02.19, video and description inside

So after updating the client today, I noticed some strange things with Dale - his maim / rush ability is no longer working as it used to, and there are some weird things going on with it.

  1. His rush no longer makes a shooting sound, just the weird animation without audio
  2. Maim doesn’t deal damage any more, it just lowers their maximum HP. This means that targets with 400 or less hp, will not be killed by Dale when he rushes for 400 maim damage.
  3. Maim doesn’t break through guardian II shields (because it doesn’t deal damage).

Is this a hidden maim change or a maim bug or is it Dale specific? Either way it’s not great! Please shine some light on this and whether or not its intentional or getting fixed. Cheers.

Video showing everything I just described:


I’m pretty sure @LadyGeek made a post that specifically mentioned this bug and they are aware.

new update, new bugs

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Thanks for the video demonstrating! Videos are always appreciated so developers can focus on exactly what’s happening. This is definitely specific to Dale and reported as a bug in 18.1.3.

Thanks for clearing that up. Hope they fix it soon :slight_smile:

One of my factionmates had the same issue with Morgan’s maim active not doing damage. He cant video, but did a before and after sceenshot. Shows it took off total hp bar, but did not kill her.

Lol do they even have actual coders working for them ? Or is like jb doing that now too

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Wat is up with everyone atking with defensive leads? I dont understand :joy:

This is completely unrelated to the topic, but Im only doing it on account of heavy resistance in the road rage roadmap. Need the sustain to power through.

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Oh thats great… ya broke dale, use his rush to clear guardian all the time… im guessing you’ll fix it in another 3 or 4 months


Sorry bro they may fix him at some point but it will be after they do countless other improbemts that we’re not asked for like removing titles from your profile pic

I need my Dale in working condition again please

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This is the exact same bug Blue Morgan has, and has has since the NOVEMBER survivor club update.

Been reported many times, even was promised to be fixed ‘in the next big update’ which was last week, but its still broken.

Its not hard to replicate, it literally happens every single time you use his active maim. Its super easy to understand, I even posted the example with numbers in my original post in November about it.
“So for example, using it on a character with say 400 / 1900 hp leaves them with 400 / 1300 hp after use.”

JB asked me to msg him details after the most recent update did not fix it, and I did. Post 5 days ago said should be fixed soon, but its still not working atm, so we’ll see.


This should be one of the main priorities for you guys. Dale has been a good cash cow for Scopely, and for many he wasn‘t exactly cheap. Gotta make your customers at least somewhat satisfied.


I got Nik from league store and his miam isn’t working properly either. It reduces the enemy’s health but doesn’t prevent them from getting full health when healed. When my teammates get maim im not able to gain full health. It’s my first maim toon so maybe i don’t know how it works but it feels like it should be the ssme both ways
@JB.Scopely i won’t call you a bot anymore if you can fix this lol!

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Its very odd dales maim works at certain times…on a walker map in survival road used his rush and boom all dead…roadmap cruisin worked fine, roadmap road rage doesn’t work. So i have no idea whats causing it to work via not work

Good job selling dale by saying you can clear guardian shield with the ar and then breaking it 2 weeks later.

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Thank you for the feedback @SweetRevenge!

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Quick update on the MAIM damage not functioning properly, post 18.1.3 Update.

  • Dale will be fixed in an upcoming server side push to happen later this week.
  • Morgan, while the crash has been fixed with this update, we’ll have to hold until the next client update, releasing in march, as it requires an overall refactoring of how Active Skill works in the game.

Thanks again for your patience!


How wasn’t this active skill bug noticed during the three month period with no update? Is this game even being worked on anymore or just an afterthought to scopely now

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