Maim damage and Greegan 6*


So I want to say that while I like Greegan and his leader ability(although it should be for melee and not strong) if main damage isn’t buffed to either do more like 800-1k damage or have a better effect(similar to hemorrhage or some sort of taunt/blind) then this character will fall to the wayside real quick.

@kalishane please talk to the team and let them know that while negan is ok if his leader ability doesn’t change to all melee and not just strong or maim isn’t buffed significantly to make it either do more straight up damage or a better after effect he will not be a toon worth having long term. Something I feel like this game needs to work harder at is better leaders to make more original teams. Either way tia guy needs a little buff and it would make him much more worthwhile.


They’ll never buff a toon, they’ll just release a better toon with higher maim damage soon enough.


The problem is the scaling, just like It is with bleed damage imo. The bleed weapons with 70 damage bleed for example are utterly useless. They are already useless vs a 4* team, let alone a 6* team. The 200 bleed is also very lackluster. Hemorrhage is the only one that kind of works because it keeps building up. Too slow to really matter in the 6* meta, but in longer fights it has its use.

Now if the maim damage was % based instead of flat damage it would be a way better skill. Scales better to high end content, without being destructive on lower level characters. If it was something like 35% to 50% of maximum HP value it would become a lot more useful versus all those tanky setups.


The whole point of maim I think is that it is unhealable and it isn’t affected by the enemies defense, so the trade off for that is that it isn’t a ton of damage. I would also say as far as the leader ability, you knew what it was before you pulled him, so if you didn’t think he was a good enough character, then why pull for him?


Pretty much. It also bypasses Bonus HP much like Bleed and Burn, and its good at breaking through Indomitable or other heavily defense buffed fighters. He felt reasonable in the internal playtesting I saw.

It would be especially useful against the Tank in Faction Assault, which is why it wasn’t built that way. :wink:

But I understand the general sentiment and we’re throwing around ideas on how to ensure Maim has a place in the meta without going too far and having it become the only meta.


The tank is resistant against Maim. :wink:


My bad. Clearly I need to keep up better with what the faction assault guys are putting into their data. :stuck_out_tongue:

The other parts are still valid though.

We think Maim is a cool new skill (regardless of the number of code edge cases) and we’re figuring out its place. In the past we’ve had some effects get out of hand in ways we didn’t quite fully anticipate, and would rather not have Maim see the same imbalance.


I agree. I’m so disappointed with that Negan. The 600 flat damage just doesn’t cut it in the current Meta.
You can’t even take out a 4* with it. With an attack boosting weapon, his regular hits make more damage in most cases. It’s just so sad. :disappointed:


I think meim is a great ability just was not enough damage I think moving forward with the giving six star Carl and Erika teams the next meim damage character should have 1000 or 1200 meim damage to be more of a threat to where it takes two hits to nearly kill off tanky teams with a meim damage rush imo


Negan leaderskill is still good you just have to have the right combination of characters and weapons to maximize it on defense. On attack you can never go wrong with the 40 attack exspecially if you are a player that runs with survival road Ezekiel, green command Morgan, six star shiva, six star carl just to name a few that are a good combination to use on attack


My question is about meim is that say you kill off a character with meim completely and there is a reviver in the team can that same character that was killed off be revived seeing how miem is unhealable damage sort of the same concept as heal reduction?


Negan is heavily countered by the most available and most used 6* lead out there: Mirabelle.
So he is not a valid def leader at this stage.

This has been asked before.


It is not. The Maim is removed on death


Thank you!


Their is no unbeatable team everyone has a counter but if we are going to talk about a character as they are and give it the best possible scenario then I still stand by the comments I made. We can talk about downsides to any team and character but doing that would defeat the purpose or discourage from ever making teams


If you assume you have an OP team with OP weapons and assume the enemy has a weak red team with garbage weapons, then yes, you have a chance. This scenario is highly unlikely though.

I prefer trying to look at the char from a neutral perspective. That’s why I find green Negan mediocre.

  • his rush in the current meta is almost useless
  • he has the second lowest raw damage from green 6*. So if you prefer a heavy hitter, spend your money on Viktor or Wyatt
  • as Defense lead he gets outclassed by Carl, who is also available for free (with some luck)
  • his leader skill only affects green (instead of melee) which makes you relying pretty much on one color
  • and like I said, his counter is the most common avaiable 6* in the game

Why would you want to spend money on such a toon?


Making my scenario look like a better one if the scenario involves it being tried by weaker players on defense isn’t cool. Just because you don’t posses the scenario or can’t see the scenario work out because of how negan just ain’t cutting it for you, or roaster, or knowledge, or experience of your region or some where along those lines doesn’t mean you can make my suggestion poop…get gud




You assume, that you have all the top stuff and place the team in a scenario, in which the enemy doesn’t have the good stuff. How is that realistic? From the plain stats, the char is mediocre.

Now imagine you got a pretty awesome Negan team and you now face a pretty awesome Mirabelle or Erika team with all stun & impair guns, then you’ll get your ass handed to yourself still most likely. Even with a Negan as lead, your SR Eze can end up dead in round 1.

I don’t know why you assume that I have no roster or knowledge. From just looking at the most common scenario in every war, you’ll most likely face Mirabelle teams. And that places you at a trait disadvantage already. You cannot deny that.


Why would I bring a negan lead against a mirabelle team ( but if I did I bet I still win) also why would I have a negan lead up against a faction that I know have mirabelle teams they use on attack. The only point I keep saying is that negan is a good leader giving the Right scenario I never said he be the end all be all their is no unbeatable team not even carl you can say is a unbeatable team just use bloody red Andrea lead with reds and greens and call it a day or red Kenny which both been giving away a couple of times. I get where you are coming from but again this is a best scenario type situation and it is very realistic to run into a team with alot of stun on attack weapons exspecially since we got loads of tape and kits from increasing your player level so many people in my region have stun on attack weapons on Shiva and wyatt and carl god knows what else