Maim clarification

Looking for clarification incase I missed a message about it.

Is maim going through guardian a bug or a gameplay change that is going to be permanent because I don’t recall any information detailing the specifics of the change?

Assuming u r talking about Zachary’s rush: it goes through guardian shield as it is a status effect and doesn’t come with any dmg.
If his rush was 1000 maim and 200% dmg to all enemies then anybody with guardian shield wouldn’t take any dmg nor the maim effect.

I may be wrong but that’s how I understand it. Any confirmation on that @CombatMan @CombatDevIl @JB.Scopely @LadyGeek

It’s damage. I don’t think it should go through guardian.

My issue is that guardian blocked it for like 2years and it was changed/broken on an update prior to zach…dual yjesus suddenly became much more annoying under right setup for it as an example while downgrading any guardian toon you had.

What I am looking for is the formal explanation to what direction it is going with…blocking or not.

It does change how one would prioritize who to pull for or risk it being changed afterwards and turning into a bluechonne situation again


This is how my regina works :thinking:
Im fine with that :+1:


Kinda like zombies didnt block disarm before. Didn’t actually disarm the zombie but if they were a stun zombie it didnt stun disarmed. After it being like this from release magically before hordes update they all of a sudden change it. They do what is best for them and that’s it

My understanding is it’s a bug.

I haven’t used him on offense. Well maybe once for the lols. But definitely a bug.


Had similar discussion here, I thought it was behaving as it should?

If you target a toon protected by shield or guardian…it won’t go off. But if you attack a toon NOT protected, the 2nd target can slide under the shield.

The exception is if the attack has att AND maim…the att will hit 1st - therefore removing the guardian shield and then the maim will apply after.

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I don’t mind change but clarify/communicate the change and it’s intent.

The rush is worded the same as those prior which guardian blocked.

I get the status effect one from the Priya era when her confuse was being blocked on the secondary targets who didn’t receive damage. It was corrected later and they would be confused but the main target wouldn’t be.

This is straight up maim damage that used to be blocked and isn’t anymore furthermore the neg20 ap which would also be negated due to it having damage. I.e. Priya rushed on a guardian it blocks dmg and status effect.

Maim isn’t directly bugged. Maim as long there isn’t physical damage stringed to it with the maim amount, maim will bypass guardian shield. The debuffing of guardian shield when this occurs is a bug.

Guardian shield is what’s actually bugged.

Things that are debuffing guardian buffs that shouldn’t.

  1. Maim
  2. Bleed tick damage (unaffected by bleed mods)

One thing i am not entirely certain about is Regina’s maim rush not decapitating an opponent when a guardian buff is active on them.

When it comes to maim.

when it hits target(s) with no guardian buff. Maximum hp is lowered to a fixed reduced amount of hp that can’t be cured by most healing toons. The specified amount of maim is also directly subtracted from their current active hp.

When it hits targets with guardian buff, same as above but the last part never happens with the maim amount being directly subtracted from current active hp. The hp is still lowered to a reduced fixed amount.

Maim can still do active hp damage to hp through guardian buff when the lowered fixed amount cuts it off the excess hp. Damage to Bonus hp works in a similar manner even though maim damage does not affect bonus hp directly.

Another thing to note, when a opponent heals themself fullest to they can allow themselves to be with maim damage, they are considered not at 100% hp. So if a toon has about 50% of his health bar being blocked by maim, that toon can’t use a conditional weapon such as one with needing above 75% health to trigger.
This also occurs with anything else that is conditional with hp.


as explaned in the above post by @Will_remember_that in this case I would hit Magna to remove guardian, then Regina can maim+decapitate her.

True, but still good She can deal maim when guardian is on :wink:

She’s very useful. I’ve her at T3.80 and I think I’ll keep her at that level until league tokens will flow like water my tap. No need to pass T4 as there’s no real difference in her rush. Modded her with defense ones and she rarely dies in attack

So it was “broken” for 2 years and now it is “fixed” without any information to explain it from scopely?

This is all players saying this and that giving reasons on why it is or ain’t…

Pretty sure Dale does it too and it’s been looked into as a bug.

The mechanic is acting a little weird. @Will_remember_that made a good post about it.

Thing is, guardian shield blocks the flat damage. But the HP reduction is still applied. This is actually not in line with other rushes if you’d argue that the HP reduction is like a debuff (because guardian shield blocks regular debuffs that come along with a damage instance).

However, if you attack a toon with guardian shield up that has full HP, the flat damage gets dodged and it shows the 0. But with the HP reduction taking place, the real HP value still goes down by 1.6k.

Seems really clunky, but at this stage we can only hope they do not classify Maim as debuff so it gets completely blocked (I mean both the flat damage and the HP pool reduction.

Maim has been cutting through guardian I use dale on offense and its wierd because if the toon already has damage it does 0 damage but applies the maim. If the toon is full hp then it does damage to apply the maim. So I’m not sure what the hell is going on anymore. Also the -60def goes through and I’m not sure that’s suppose to happen.

It’s not doing flat damage with shield up.

Imagine you got a toon with 2k HP and his HP pool is also 2k. That toon has a shield. It gets hit by Regina, no flat damage applied but the HP pool gets reduced by 1.6k. So the toon will have a pool of 400 afterwards. Because it cannot have more HP than the pool size, the toon will look like he took 1.6k damage.

If that toon had an HP pool of 2k but only 350 HP and a shield up and you’d hit it, it would still have 350 HP with a pool of 400 HP.

If the toon had 2k HP pool but only 1200 HP left, you’d also get a toon with 400 HP at 400 HP pool size. In this case it would look like it only took 800 damage.

From what i have seen the maim damage is broken… if i put both dale and regina in my attack team i can see that both do completely different under same circumstances… dales ap has 400 maim to all … except that i have seen instances where no one ends with maim effect without guardians in the line up… almost like he is being mod nerfed… when regina hits through a gurdian team almost every time… not to mention the hr from my amber and dale compounding in unreviveable deaths… so imo BROKEN!