Maim bypass? Any help appreciated

Honestly no one knows how maim works because no one uses it

It is probably something with the bonus hp…

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Were Magna and Zeke revived? Prior Maim is lost when that occurs. Maybe the health bar graphics aren’t cleared? Other than that, it’s bugged.

If a toon has been revived they ignore the Maim damage line

Maim damage does work for bonus hp - it deals it to both main hp and bonus hp


Is this supposed to be happening @CombatDevIl? Not sure why characters are being healed beyond the displayed maim portion of the bar. Whats the point in maim if it doesn’t clip some of that massive HP?

I believe McKenzie can clear all penalties too

Yeah I knew there was another, just couldn’t remember who

Maim isn’t that bad for green negan but yes it is garbage i’d say negans the only exception due to the garunteed 600 damage.

Eh… coming from someone that (unfortunately) has him I can say it is not worth it

Definitely looks like a bug to me.
These toons should not be able to recover 100% of their original HP.

FTR, MAIM does not affect HP bonus (the blue bar).
If it does now, maybe is it because of a recent update that messed MAIM up ?

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For the record I have seen maim affect bonus HP. On one of those special roadmaps we had, I used SR Doc with his bonus HP and had all my toons with almost 100% bonus HP, Gregan used maim and it affected my bonus HP line as well. I thought that was funny. Should have screenshotted it.

I just checked in the Combat Reference Guide and there is no mention of the Bonus HP bar. It only says max HP and not max Bonus HP.

Maybe if you can screenshoot it, that would be helpful to have a IUGO member have a look at it.

If only @CombatMan and @CombatDevIl replied, they could tell us the intent…

I think they are on looong holidays !

Winter shiva has always done damage to bonus HP it was the only reason I was able to finish on of those terror road maps with double Yvette’s - if that wasn’t the original intention I can’t say but mods didn’t effect the way maim has worked for me in the past

Looks like a bug

Bonus is essentially a reflection of your max hp.

Maim dmg should reflect the temp status of ones “maximum”

Some more reading :

Definitely looks like a bug AND a malfunction …

you could possibly save one character with a hp buff just in case

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