Maim bug or feature on nightmare roadmaps?

So for awhile now I’ve noticed that on nightmare roadmaps that maim only subtracts from the characters total health and subtracts nothing from remaining health.
In normal raids and maps if you use maim ar, say Regina you will subtract 1600 from a humans health if still alive they will have a line in there health bar, say -1600 and when you attack again that is where their health will be. So if healed, unless healed with maim removal, their health only goes to that new line.
On nightmare rm when you use maim and it doesn’t kill them the line in the health bar is only placed on the spot where it would be if using maim when they have full health when attacked, not at their current health level. So when healed their health goes to almost full because -1600 from 100k health is nothing.
The line on the health bar in all other parts of the game will show it at whatever point you used the main even in super health amounts on s class. So say you knocked the health bar down 50% already when you use maim the new line will be wherever it stops not minus from the 100 full spot.
I hope I am explaining this so it is understood. Any other part of the game if you use maim on a character who’s health has already been lowered the new bar for their health is set to that as a new max health.

It seems to work correctly for me. As you stated if they have 10k health 1k maim graphically wont be dramatically different. And they usually have good healers on nm sr.

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