Magnum revolver not counted in collection

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What’d you say?

The revolver u got is a 3* the one in the collection is a 4* revolver

Look next to the four star revolver…

Oh shit lol then uhh I don’t know why it ain’t countin

This is revolver 4☆ you need farm in 13.3

He’s talking about the 3* magnum revolver to the left of the 4* revolver.

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And if you have it equipped to a toon, it won’t show as completed (I don’t think it does anyway)

seen other people with this problem…support says screen shot it all and when you have completed collection, fly them a kite and they will take care of it

Shouldn’t it have counted when he first got it? It doesn’t automatically get equipped to a team

Yeah usually when you come across that immediately it shows you what you picked up from the museum

Same thing happened with my green revive Hershel, I messaged support and they took him out of my account and added him again which sorted the problem out. They did it quickly to my surprise. I think this is the one and only time I’ve actually be helped by support with no fuss

Probably didn’t realise it was part of a museum collection.

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