Magna human sheald

Magna human sheald not work at 100%?
or my Shiva was hit/killed by enemy team when is in human sheald cause she is a tiger ?
or James is not a human and can hit/killed my team even they are in human sheald its happen 3-4 times for now

I struggled to read what you posted. But I think your opponent had focus applied so they can target anyone behind the human shield.


Works too if the enemy attacks with a “a líne”, " adyacent to it" or splash damage (like James).

nah Magna is up behind Christa and Shiva is down behind Kapoor if was splash i will not make this topic but for the focus im not sure will be watching next time

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Viktor’s active skill is focus and focus ignores shield

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How about you tell me where to find that pfp
For em research purposes

cant understand you what is pfp ?

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