Magna and Lee upgrade

Anyone know what the gear requirements are for upgrading Magna and Lee yet? All i know it it’s gear from SR depot. Assuming its not multitools. Just curious what they are, how much they cost, and how many are needed before i waste anything on ascending them. Not gonna bother if its gonna take ages to acquire.

2 knives and 3 sleeping bags for t2

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So 1,018,000 survival road markers per toon just on gear if you don’t get it while it’s discounted. Plus each toon is 300k if you don’t already have them.


Going to be a while lol

Completely forgot that was there :joy::see_no_evil:
Thanks guys!

Well it was buried halfway through the thread, easy to miss or overlook

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Yea, I do remember skimming it and planning to go back to it, just forgot.

Prices are getting pretty insane though. Has the refresh for SR depot always been 400 coins? Never refreshed it before, so I could be wrong, but was thinking it used to be 200 coins like the others. Doubt I’d use it either way, but im curious now :slight_smile:

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