Magie 6 étoiles

Where is the Maggie 6 promised scop? We’re still waiting and waiting

Coming mid October

C’est long mais merci pour le tuyau. Normalement c’était un tous les mois me semble sur 3 mois

It’s Scopes I mean is what it is , could surprise with another but they stated by mid October Maggie only also I hope good but probably meh asf !

Oui on verra bien pour eux plus intéressant de mettre des persos pour sortir la carte bleu :credit_card::wink:

Since their fiasco where they gave a list of future ascendables in ‘early 2018’ then decided ‘early 2018’ meant June, I don’t quite trust those vague dates. Mid-October could technically be the 30th, right? It’s not the end of the month until the 31st.


Then everyone will complain about another yellow command or she lost her command and sucks. Which will it be?

Another yellow command? I missed out on Nik, have ftp had other yellow commands available?

No none at all only Nik

I , concur

If you missed out on nik you followed bad advice

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I did and because of my actual balance at time as I came back after mods but stayed before said happening so aka fuawked out of Nik and Shawn which was a killer for awhile #regrets

That’s hilarious.

I repeatedly explained to people throughout the entire league season that a yellow command will be useful far longer than a green damage-doer. And then didn’t follow my own advice. I knew better.

Edit: And I already have 5 non-bound 8% weapons, both atk and crit, all with huge. So I really have no excuse.

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