Maggie was a mistake by scop


Well, maggie was the #1 reward in first ever CRW. We remember that war and we know how we got tons of bugs and issues during that war. All top factions were in trouble and were waiting for ages in searching screen, in fact scopely gave a free maggie to lower factions and now they make her ascendable. What’s wrong wigh you scopely? You really want to kill the game???


2 different Maggies to begin with; don’t really know or heard of them giving any Maggie to lower factions.


Split pain Maggie is horrible. Don’t worry…


I want that horrible toons for level up


You need an eye exam.


I assume he’s referring to weaker factions getting her because of the poor matchmaking, more wars, etc.

But she is not Ascendable, as others pointed out. Completely different Maggie.