Maggie or Vincent


So, I will be ‘rewarded’ with Maggie soon and I’m in a bit of predicament…

I got Vincent from the recent event with the intention of ascending as a leader for a melee team as the Carl has so far avoided me.
Despite strong health stat, he is weak imo and needs to be ascended to be worth using.

In the mean time I have picked up a 6* Garrett who became lead of my defence team with 6* Zeke, Ty, Dwight & 5* Shieldchonne…

At this moment in time I can only ascend 1, I will do both in time I think, I like the fact 5* Maggie is revive but has any one ascended them? Which one would be worth more to me?



Ill be doing Vincent first as I lack Carl as well


Maggie easy


Ascend Maggie and put her behind Garrett with absolute defense


If you want to start a melee team, Vincent.


Hands down Maggie stick her with your Garrett lead.


Maggie. Vincent won’t do you any good and you have the Garrett lead which is as good as a Carl.

Vincent is only useful as a lead, but u already have a better lead. He doesn’t hit hard enough to really warrant use outside of being a lead.


Maggie. Sounds like you’re solid having Garrett.


Thanks for that, Maggie all the way!

Might ascend vincent at some point, but for now Maggie wil be next :smiley: