Maggie & John vs what we really needed


I wasn’t talking about his execution that makes him apply as a decap…

His rush is essentially a 2 turn decap.


I could actually rock tht team but i have no luck and I can’t pull alpha or a disarm lol


That’s probably 1 in 10 no way that team wins on a consistent basis . Add 20 percent defense during war or any tower and it’s a lose every time


It’s also friendly duels. We don’t know what weapons the defense had or how many times they’ve practiced on that exact team. But I’m not in disbelief it’s practical.

I just don’t see why you’d want to. Limit yourself to lower overall stats and no active skills. If it’s for fun in duels do whatever you want. But in a real war/raid setting why engage with a disadvantage?


It prob took him a thousand turns to get that result :joy::joy::joy:


im not gonna try and argue with people how a buff and debuff with a hitter can impact their game, lol. great players will already now what that exact team is and i have said its entirely an rng game with no disarm, meaning you could lose 10 in a row just as easily as win 10, you could also go 3 of 10 then next time win 8 of 10, i never have at any time said that its fool proof, i dont need to say what my pt was, have multiple times in this very thread already and you can easily scroll up

and those are my last 2 war scores if ya needed proof, am i the greatest? nope but players in my position can do ok


agree with you, but you have played the game as long as i have, at least i assume so. scopes has always kept f2p or not pull lucky players just close enough that they can use ingenuity to do well enough, but not close enough to overpower wallets and if you havent guessed they will keep doing it again and again.




Even with Decap Alpha nearing 10k+ damage with mods and stuff she dies to quickly and Can’t stop some defenses. RNG is a big factor.


@realtreej it is absolutely insane team!

Many people have been looking for a way to make revivers + shields teams easier to beat, that’s fantastic idea. I don’t have Victor, so used 6* Connor instead, does the job beautifully.

Only problem is when I encounter guardian (like Glenn) or impair (like yellow Kal). Both could impact this team so currently I’m experimenting with SR Zeke as lead, 2nd Alpha or some other heavy hitter (like Shiva), yellow Carson for debuffs.

Anyway, congrats!


yeah guardian can be a pain and is the exact reason it took me 5 turns instead of 3, had to apply victors debuff and i choose to waste negan’s regular attk on lydia so she was debuffed which left father g guardian’d, making the debuff not apply to him, which even with +85 attk from heath it wasnt enough to kill. turn 4 and 5 was father g cleanup.


Yes unbalanced but people willing to pay are always going to have more options. That’s how life in general is. You pay more money for better things. Bigger houses, better cars, nice vacations, and here on scopley land better toons.


I say kudos to anyone who uses what they have and can be creative. Just like so many use Kate for her focus/heal/buff. Once teams were not just original 6* s released and they started introducing toons that were a lot trickier to win against people had to look outside the box. I’ve found myself looking through 5* I’ve had sitting around forever and even some 4* just to see if there were some hidden diamonds. I used Sarah on fac ass as few times just to play around with hemorage since i couldn’t use hemorage abe.
Doesn’t matter what anyone says if your finding this team working for you use it until you find better options.


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