Maggie & John vs what we really needed


Your company pays you enough not to quit… And
You work hard enough to not get fired.

That’s where we are with this ‘game’


As a pure f2p I went with Jesus, just cause his revive was faster then SR’s Jesus.
But if you remember correctly after that event they released decap Ivanova. Quite a low blow to all players who choose Jesus. So expect scoply to screw players without a 2nd thought


I feel like that’s a fairly acceptable situation. But I get what you were going for.


I took your advice, and actually went back through posts I have made back to September of 18…

Probably a bit biased, but I don’t see whining. I see criticism, and I see offering solutions. This is a public forum, I have the right to an opinion, as do you. Baseless accusation is not opinion.

Have a great dayand keep on Surviving!


I didn’t know scopely was paying people wages. I didn’t know that what I thought was me being pimped was actually me surviving.


Well then you’re incredibly self righteous.

Asking for better options for a two week event that grants hardly up to par characters is no different than asking to update the game with usable items.

And you just posted something in another thread about not complaining about new content when you criticized onslaught for being a new game mode over improving existing content.

No one said you don’t have a right to an opinion. It’s that you don’t have a right to shut down other opinions when you’ve hardly said any better and act like a hypocrite.


Well this is criticism as well then… they could have at least made them “super six”. I’m not gonna complain because they just released Eric who would have been a big money maker.

But I don’t get why they can’t see the issue that’s happening in the game? You need the f2p to be able to keep up somewhat (I am not f2p). They can release free specialty toons at 85 and sell promo ones at 58 or 66. Whales are gonna buy.

I’m more annoyed that they just keep missing the mark (outside of Andrea and Eric) with these ascendables or free characters. Listen to the player base. Even P2P players want the original promise of six stars to be kept, at least this one does.


Onslaught is garbage, homes.

And as a survivor of the first forum, I didn’t think I would need to define content in respect to a new roadmap. That is game content, and whereas tournaments like Onslaught are content, they are different than levels and roadmaps. Maybe just my perspective, but I think I said it was an improvement in content from the existing method of “hastily assembled character showcases”

I see I need to include full treatise explanations of my opinions on a public forum. It is satisfying to me on a personal basis that you are so bothered by my opinions and my sharing of them. It is a glory to touch peoples lives.

Self Righteous? Absolutely. I love myself. Dichotomous in opinion? Borderline hypocritical? Yep, I am fallible. I don’t bother to re read my former posts on a day to day basis to ensure continuity, as I am now moved to think you do, so step in it I am surely likely to do at times.

Again, thank you for your patronage, Citizen. Keep on surviving!!


Its a step in the right direction, though stumble may be a better term, I can accept that.

Its a “Content” improvement that sees a character card, though subpar, but a character card nonetheless, as a reward. Perhaps I was too general in my criticism and praise. I see the prize structure improvement a better thing in principle, even if the prize itself does not measure up. Maybe its a trend that will continue, and I speak from a hopeful position that it does.

As I said on a different thread (fans, hop over and read that thread!!) I am just trying to find a positive in a sea of negative, and I feel complaining about a problem without a proposed solution is just contributing to the problem.

Not saying I have never done it, but as a general belief in practice, that is what I try to do.


Finally a complain that scopely should really look at, these toon are already outdated, the event is good but it should be a toon that decap and a toon that disarm, make f2p players choose between the two, then we can see who is more creative. @JB.Scopely come on. Ya’ll miss the mark badly with this one. Only real solution now is to put that type of toon in league store for season 3, probably increase the cost of them also(or not)


Didn’t take long for him to stop trying anymore.


Was that directed at me again?
Talk about a high horse… what rank are you in the morality police anyway, Captain?


You’re credibility is really plummeting fast.


I agree. A step in the right direction. But unfortunately, they missed the mark. Let’s hope they continue moving forward. Eric was a great start. But f2p really needs some attacking toons.


no, what im saying is i see alot of threads on here saying revive is too hard, this is unbeatable, thats unbeatable…my point was if you dont have amazing or premiere 6☆s look for ways to synergize what you have to get the job done, instead of complain. thats all dude


Nicely said.


thank you!


Honestly… what’s your win ratio with that team? It’s not a realistic team. I bet it’s under fifty percent.


only thing its missing to be known to the community as a realistic team is disarm. if i had one id put vic lead,remove negan and put disarm in, which anyone on here can very easily do. as far as overall win percentage idk, it has war battles where it cant win then it has war battles it cant lose and its all weapon rng not the 5☆ toons dying,but like i said earlier, if you are gonna lose do it quick. i will take a shot at winning in 3-5 or losing in as much as winning or losing in 10+ trying to play the mod resist crowd control game. like i said, it isnt right for all players but is for me until disarm comes my way


Yeah and along with those threads are those like yourself that suggest to make teams with what you got which are left behind five stars.

I know this is the name of the game when it comes to how shit is with this game and of course I am apart of the Fraternity of those that brain storm what it is to overcome what’s in front of me thru my ingenuity rather than asking/whine for forces outside of me to grant me the tools to do so much like what your point is.

The point I was making is just because there are avenues to win doesn’t negate that the game is leaving players behind when they continue like this. The stats of these six stars are going up up up till eventually 7 stars. Leaving those five stars even more useless when that happens. Players need anything that is new and available that’s f2p to be on par with what’s out there because that power creep is so real.

I ain’t saying you can’t come up with something as that eventually happens but it sure as hell won’t be fun doing so without spending.