Maggie & John vs what we really needed


to be fair, i did open the game when i woke up this morning and skipped all the multiple offers for grenades and crap fro £100 and then all the terr pop ups and any other shit that popped up so i could use my SR energy

But yes i hadnt read it :stuck_out_tongue:


I personally think that John can be a real help. He has a 2 turn decap and +50 crit for 3 turns. Now it might be slow and it may not sound all that special but if that crit is applied to someone like Abraham or Alpha against another melee team, they are going to tear through.


I’m looking forward to pairing John with Bryan, but the only red/green attack lead we have is PTP. We have Garrett, but he’s a defensive lead


At least there’s one other person that sees some form of potential with John.


Haha, I’m just needing more melee, I already have a bunch of blue attackers, and I don’t see much with Maggie


Unfortunately, none of these toons are taking top ascendance priority for me, so it’ll be a while before they go into any of my teams


I have a feeling he can benefit in raids and SR with that crit and heal reduction. Same with the execution and whatnot.
Not the worst toon, not the best, but he can be useful.


RNG wheels (5* wheel, lucky tokens, Winter tokens etc) are not F2P in my opinion. Museum events and login events where you can select the character you want (i.e. Bryan/Princess/Rose event) where you’re guaranteed a toon and don’t need to spend is F2P. I agree 100% Jesus was a game changer for me as well as Dwight. Sadly Dwight has aged very poorly they had a chance to switch things up with OG Legacy dwight, make him a specialist, but that wasn’t in the cards either.


What mods on alpha? Mine just doesn’t hit hard


Have you just answered your own question?


John definitely doesn’t apply as a Decap. Decap makes sure they can’t come back, execution is only good if it’s a revive getting hit or there isn’t a revive on the team.


That’s like telling me as long as scopely provides me amazing 4 stars in a 5 star era I shouldn’t complain.


This event is underwhelming


All I got to say is #burnmickey


Its amazing how greedy and jaded the majority of the player base is these days…

I have seen often people hoping for a pick a path event like Jesus and Dwight, and now that we have one, the naysayers say its not good enough. If you remember, Team Dwight was for the attack stats because he was a bit of a glass cannon, and Team Jesus was for the defense stats. You have to choose.

Are they as meta altering as the pay cards? Of course not, that is not how the game works today in 2019. The whales will have their cookie cutter Dolla Dolla Bill Yall teams, but all the whales really seem to care about is Diamond rankings.

The f2p can still thrive in this game, if you put the right weapons with the right mods on the right character. Its trial and error, its grinding and working and finding what works best.

That’s what we had to do when 4* red Mark was a game changer and we got him at the end of a ridiculously hard roadmap. Todays players don’t understand how good they have it. 5* and ascendables drop to the f2p on a semi regular basis. Some of us can remember playing for over a year as a f2p and not getting a 5* ever.

My first was Caroline, on a token pull after 14months in game. Stop the whining, and be thankful you get something for your effort.


Have you taken a look at your own threads? Get off the ■■■■■■■ horse.


No, I just post and run.

I will step down off my high horse when you crawl out from under your bridge…




F2p actually cannot “thrive”. The two primary specialists that you have to have on attack are disarm and decapitate which are not readily available for f2p. RNG wheels and relying on the supply depot does not count. The Shield/revive meta can’t be beat even with the “right weapons with the right mods” the character availability is one of the main problems. Shields and revives keep getting pushed out, and Scopely’s response to balance that is to release premium disarm and decapitates which f2p folks can’t access. League Store would have been a great solution but the characters there don’t help to combat the meta.

Look at who we’ve had in the past few months,
Premium: Alice, Cole, Camila, William, Chris, Holly, Harper, Father Gabriel, Ryker, Yellow Kal, Ajax, Morgan, Rick, Wayland, Sophia, Lydia,
F2P: Eric (only because he’s a legacy), Knox (Musuem), OG Dwight (Museum), Blue Maggie (via musuem), Bryan (Museum), Princess (museum, Rose (museum)

That’s extremely unbalanced.


inb4 inevitable alt account retort