Maggie & John vs what we really needed


I really feel that Scopely have completely missed the mark with this new choose your side event.

The previous choose your side event featured the excellent Dwight who would kill or cripple 1 enemy, and the revive Jesus.
This time though, we get yet another heavy hitting blue and a mediocre green who fits into no ones team.

The abundance of Lydia teams means that F2P need better greens and they simply do not exist. The best available is Abe, who is only there for his lead skill, and Shiva who is very dated now days. Neither can kill a Lydia without huge buffs or enemy debuffs.
The only F2P decap green is Alpha and you had to be lucky to get her and even then, she still requires a huge buff to be effective.

What should have happened:
I think we can all agree that we do not need more revives. We’ve had a free green, blue and red revive in recent weeks.
A disarm would have been nice also. Michonne is obtainable F2P, with a large amount of luck, but she isn’t amazing vs Lydias. I still see this as a P2P specialist skill so i don’t think we can realistically expect one of these to be given out.
A heavy hitting green, ideally with decap, would have been an amazing choice here.

But lets not look past the main issue with these toons. Their stats!
These are Generation 1 6*s and we are entering the Generation 2 era right now. Their stats fall well behind the recent releases so they’ll be completely redundant within a few weeks.

P2P will have no use for these toons, except as ascendance fodder.
F2P should go for Maggie because she is the better choice but would she be used in place of Ty/Dwight/Laura/Spencer/Other Dwight/Tara/Andrea? Doubtful.
John is a joke of a toon.
Its sad because neither of these toons will have the same effect as Dwight or Jesus did previously. Just more evidence that Scopely is out of touch with the player base.


John’s rush is essentially a 2 turn decap…not the greatest but not terrible either


lol, ya dont need amazing 6☆s, 5☆s do with the right 6☆s


Without a huge ap leader, he isn’t rushing until turn 4. A lydia may well have rushed by then and given everyone 70% defense.


Now try that against a real defense.


i really dont wanna go raid, does a father g lead work? it responds to your guardian shield and defense lead comment at least, yes it is vey dependant on stun on attk without disarm, but your statement was that all the 6*s are not easily beatable, my post was to just say styles make fights


There is a huge AP leader in premier right now…


Again, its a fun team to play with but you’d never use it in war and its not reliable.


There is, but this post is more aimed at F2P.
If you have alice, you don’t need John.


There isn’t enough test tubes to finish the roadmap without buying them how do we get more tubes


without disarm its all rng anyways, even with all 6☆s, so why not either lose horribly fast or win horribly fast? believe me i would loveeeeee a disarm, but til the game rng gives one…i have to rock what i got


You have patience…


That’s quite impressive.

How did you mod your Alpha and how’s her weapon?
How do you get that much damage?
I usually in Friendly raids don’t go over 10k damage but kinda interested to see how you manage to hit that much


That’s simple : Alpha get Heath’s buff, ennemies are debuffed by Victor (AOE rush) and Alpha kills everyone after that


Also Kate’s focus. Quite a few factors need to work for it happen but it’s definitely impressive.


all attk, alpha has over 3k attk stat before lead and weapon. mods are attk set(4 gold, 1 silver) attk, graze, attk vs tough, attk vs fast and confuse resist, not the best choice(confuse) but it was a gold attk set mod


that is impressive


Thats pretty impressive and in 5 turns as well , great job man


where do you get more test tubes from to finish the maps off ?


Anybody know how to read? They’ll be in level up milestones…like announced