Maggie, is that you?

So, we can’t have Maggie, but fight her?


Yeah, very often you can fight incomplete characters. There’s no rush, specialist or leader skill.

I’m just curious what she actually does when she rushes :joy:

Very Low Damage. I guess 200%

For this we usually have the 1*-3* Star Skins on some Roadmaps and the Worldmap :wink:

Ya but 1-4 stars are pointless. It’s about time they release some better characters for us to fight and change up the scenery. No need to force them all into the game just fight against them.

Dude! you know where to get her 5star? i believe shes next in line for ascension

The Buffed 4* Stars on Stage 24 and Stage 25 we’re completly find If they would use more than 10 Characters

Yeah, but only in Ascendance unfortunaly.

4 star characters suck, all enemies should be 5 or 6 stars. Maggie, negan, governor ect. all characters versions we can’t get but we can fight! That would be awesome!

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She looks salacious

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