Maggie Healer? Worth it?

How many of you are using this Maggie ? Hmm. I’m ready to acseend her, but is she worth the Lilliths ?

She will be in team with:

Lydia - hunter - beta - and Andrea shield

I’m also thinking about Holly for her revieve + guardian, yellow guardian Glenn - fast and heal and Yellow TYresse for his indomitable and revieve ofc.

From the toons you mention, you seem to be suggesting using her on defence. I’d suggest not. I’d run Holly or Glenn in that set-up for sure - Lydia can do the healing.

Yes sorry i didn’t mention it. It’s for defense :slight_smile:

Lydia lead with 40% hp and defense buff

I just don’t have either holly or Glenn but those are in my scope

Then I suggest all three of the toons you mention rather than Maggie.

I can see her work well on attack because of the 75% buff to all - devastating if you can have four damage rushes ready to go after her buff on round three - but not defence.

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This is what I am currently running. Lydia only provides bonus so i needed someone that could actually heal. Maggie has been great so far (I would love to have holly and or Yevette). I would take out Beta if you are looking to make a time out team.

I have that Maggie, but I don’t know what to do with her.
(I have other characters in my mind)

She’s a beast in FA and SR for what its worth. Don’t use nor need her elsewhere.

I wouldn’t (and don’t) run her on defense.
On an attack team, her 75% attack buff is huge.
Andrea lead, michonne, morgan, and maggie behind magna shield is extremely effective.
20% ap gun on andrea and her ar’s ready round 3.

I’d go with Maggie only if Desperate for a healer

These are better than that Maggie imo.

When was the last time anyone besides fresh account had any trouble with sr…

Maggie is great for killing teams like mira, spencer, wander, erika, lee, etc. Put blues and yellows behind her and you can take out most range teams. Im building a team with her, tyreese, tara, yvette, wayland

So you need to have trouble with SR in order to get toons that improve your situation further? Hmm.

There’s no guarantee you will get them. If you don’t have them should could be useful. Ultimately lidia only providing hp can become a problem depending on team build. Best suggestion is to send her on the 5day scav for ars if you don’t have lilths for her and hit milestones and farm elite tokens. I’ve gotten tons of trainers from elite tokens. Honestly if she’s not ready not you have plenty of time before next war to decide if she’s worth it and save lilths/adens

Yeah you’re right guys. I’m using atm Jessie in attack because of fast healing :slight_smile: it’s nice, here with Maggie I could also heal and buff defense to my team and attack buff so save rushes and one buff from Maggie comes then rush spencer - Jesus - governor - Dwight

Imo you dont need healers in att teams :man_shrugging:

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she is not bad though there is to many free ranged healers in my opinion. and the beat heal on attack is Kenny

6* rendered sr easy mode so no you can’t improve when you never lose a character and auto every stage

Perhaps if you’re level 100, but it gets a little more challenging later on.

Been 400 for a year and I’m a 30 day pass only player… when we had to use 5* ffs with less op weapons and no active skills