Maggie ascendable is missing

Hi scopely team,

You have announced the arrive of yellow Maggie ascendable before the end of October. This toon is already delayed since so many months…
When will you give it to us?
Thank you for your answer


Ohhhh, they’re giving IT to us, on a daily basis… If you get my point.


Да сдался вам этот беспонтовый персонаж!

Since tomorrow is the last day of Oct, today is the day that she is due.

Yea! Maggie to the tower is certain, today!



No promise is to Little to not brake.

She is going to be terrible, I would be more excited if they just gave a legit explanation as to why they drug their feet so bad releasing her.

Maggie won destroy S-Class but can give more options being a yellow command
Hope she will be more viable than the last red Romanov…

Go get her Canadians, your retirement sadly depends on it…

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I did not think pension plans allowed for risky investments like this. Seems foolish to invest in a gaming company let alone a corrupt one.

If you only knew what happened to the pension money to begin with

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