Maggie AR stage 3 to 5 (warning)



welll have Kenny on the team he’s a crit lead


Yeah, thank god there was that extra hit in the refill or I would have been really pissed…


For the Maggie path you had to actually hand pick which way you take by opening it by spending the item. It didn’t matter what you chose in the dialogue.


One has double attack the other has +atk when over 70%


oh Humans ? yeah bring Andrea and good weapons but 11K attack is worrying


Dirty sneaker that’s act I one I’m talking about towards the end act 3 after the weapons lab part :slight_smile:


Yeah but I chose John’s path and clearly picked the “hard way” and got the sh*tty easy plan
Anyway it’s too late now


Well now i am confused…no worries


The indicated walkers were replaced by humans on stage 2 for me. Chose Maggie and the hard path.


How was the hard path? I’m still not sure which one to pick


I got through! Took an all blue team in all the human stages of Maggie’s AR, which, by the way, are 2 to 5. Graphic shows they should be walkers but they aren’t. Sometimes you get Maghie as an ally and sometimes you don’t get an ally. I took two healing Kennys, one mine and the other a faction ally when I had the option. Battle items were a must for me too. No doubt some whales did it on auto!


I’ll just go down the easier path so I actually unlock Maggie and try and spec Impair on her gun. Double Attack is good and all but I’d much rather have Impair.


did they nerf the roadmap? it was supposed to be 3 to 5…


Someone above posted 3-5 but I found them on 2-5. I only just got through with my walker team because of that post! Would that be the hard path? Scopely never tells you the full story.


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