Maggie AR stage 3 to 5 (warning)

Maggie AR stage 3-4-5 are all humans not (walkers) repeat not walkers they will murder you

Nice try scopley
Keep on surviving


well. i guess im not getting maggie

It wasn’t that at hard had bit of problem with Maggie AR stage 1 (20 of these)


a good crit team and no problem at all

Is it enough with one refil buy?

Sweet mother of cucumber sauce!
Thanks for the heads up


I picked John’s path, chose the hard way (make your path through the lab blablabla) and got the easy roadmap… Did I miss something or Scopely screwed up again ?

Yeah one refill for 10 pounds go me the whole map done for Maggie and one weapon… if you don’t fail on (Maggie AR part 3) cause of the walkers/human stage like I did you will have an extra hit to use somewhere else

Delete your post please :slight_smile:

Damn those John weapons are honestly pretty trash, what awful traits :L

Lel didn’t noticed that, but wasn’t that hard. I did the whole stages with autoplay

Does have someone the weapons for Maggie ?

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I used my weak looter team and still slaughtered it…

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The axe is interesting, no luck for me with the ap drain… anyone know the Maggie version?

Do you get to choose the weapon which you want?

anyone also facing test tubes shortage for thise roadmap


You have to get the rest by buying them or lvl up rewards

It’s in another thread… Double attack

Thanks for this. Scopely prob very upset by this cause they love to troll and give toons insane stats hoping you will die and spend money to buy more needed to finish the map :money_mouth_face:

welll have Kenny on the team he’s a crit lead