Maggie and Naya combo? Good or bad?


I like burn but the problem with it is it often kills let’s say a shield before I manage to decap them.


Well it’s a luxury problem :slight_smile:


both of them may take out toons with their burn damage (apart from AR) but just to be revived back again. Use decap with em and disarm (much needed nowadays).


I was speaking with a bud about replacing burn. Let’s say I have Jessie and she has burn 260 on attack - and Jessie hit a toon first, this toon is burning for 260 right ? So far so good, and let’s say naya or Maggie rush in the same turn and hit that toon, will this toon automatically burn 600? (Higher)

Because i tested with mods and on purpose I hit a toon with a mod or 150 burning and same turn 260 (Jessie) it remained 150


The highest burn should always be the active one I believe. If they had 260 burn and you hit with Naya then it should go from 260 to 600 burn.


Thanks… :slight_smile:


Are someone trying to test this duet ?


What about red Zeke camilia Naya and Maggie with sheildus?


Honestly i thought of the same team kinda. If scopely give us a chance to buy the league toons twice like last season then im gonna get naya twice.
Run andrea shield lead, 2x naya, Maggie and disarm. See what kinda of burn damage that can do with 3 burn toons


Was going to give you a like for your amazing visuals but I disagree with the way you write “G” so I cant


Haha :slight_smile:


His Gs look more like Ls or Lil chairs. I seriously read it mallie lol


They wont all get burned because if the toon in the middle is dead then they are not considered “adjacent” to each other


It is it not only two that need to be lines together ? And not all 5?


But do some of you have the chance to test Maggie and Naya together?


Turn 3 (Maggie AR) she hit a turn and cause burn to it, it the same turn Naya makes normal hit that toon Maggie burning for 600burn, and because of the specialist skill enemy next to it will burn - 2 are burning now

Turn4 - Naya rush AR

She hits the toon in the middle and cause it and the other next to it burn (she burns 2 toons) and Maggie hits not the one in the middle but 4 in line, will it affect the last toon and spread the fire to it ?


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