Maggie and Naya combo? Good or bad?

When a firestarter attacks right, they rush 500- 600% like Maggie and naya - here deal 600 burn damage for 2 turns to ONE enemy, that enemy will get rush damage, and burn 1200 damage for 2 turns (600 each turn), and firestarter specialist means that the enemy that stand NEXT to the toon burnin will be affected of that burn right and the same burning damage? So also 1200 damage?

Let’s play with a though:

basically if I have Maggie and Naya, they rush against enemies and there are 4 left, 2 in the left and 2 in the right… Maggie rushes towards the one in the left, and gives one of them 600 burn for 2 turns= 1200 burn. The one standing next to it will also get 1200 burning Right?

Then naya rushes to the right of enemies and hit one that will get 1200 burn for 2 turns and the other next to the one hitted also will be affected, correct?

So 4 toon will be burning?

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Maggie wont work like that. She is a single attack on the AR So she attacks then applies the burn. So you will only create 600 burn damage to the second target AFTER you attack the next turn

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No 1200 but 2x600… it’s not the same

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1,200 total burn damage is what he is saying.

yes i understand but it’s not the same. what i saying.

How is it not the same?

turn x 600 damages
turn x+1 600 damages

It’s not 1200 damages

If the opponent stop the burn, you have only done 600 damages.
It’s just to be specific

Sometimes, the openent team break the rule or your meta


It is 600 Burn damage per turn for 2 turns, total is 1,200 damage.
Stated here:

and here:

Obviously if the enemy removes the burn, or the raid ends BEFORE both turns pass, then they wont do the amount of damage. But that was not a part of the scenario.
I get what you are saying, don’t get me wrong. the damage is applied over time so it is not 1,200 immediate damage. But again, the whole description by the OP is strictly within the fact that both turns will apply the burn

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yep but the burning power is not interresting as bleed damage for me.

Just for say me mind, no reply needed

Maybe because u don’t have burn damage and only bleed :-)? Still haven’t answered my question and allready debating what fits u hehe ?!

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I agree, burn does not stack like bleed. But, bleed doesn’t jump to the adjacent enemy like burn. So both have pros and cons

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haha no i don’t use … no chance in pulling too and i don’t want naya :wink: but maggie is good for focus and ar 66

This is a combo i will play with, nayas weapons also have a chance to burn, think its 400 so you can have burn going non stop

I was asking if Maggie rushes and gives one toon rush damage, that toon will suffer of burning 600 per turn, for 2 turns = 1200 damage burn (if the burn is not removed) ofc! The one opponent side of the burning will be affected, is this also for 600 per turn?

So my question was: can Maggie and Naya make a duet of hitting primary target and the one next to it suffer from burn?

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But like I said above, Maggie will not apply burn to the adjacent enemy with her rush, you have to do it on the next turn

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Yes maggie and naya can feed off each other and have synergy

Maggie rush. Naya can now attack and trigger Firestarter.

Naya rush, Maggie can now attack and trigger Firestarter.

Naya attack. Weapon burn triggers. Maggie can not attack and trigger fire starter.

Takes both to cause the desired effect within a given turn. Alternatively command could be used to cause same turn effect by a single toon.

Naya is a double attack, so her first can apply the burn and then her second will firestart

(assuming both are ready to AR)
Maggie rush, apply burn
Naya Rush, burn and firestart on second hit
3 people are now burning
Next turn you can use Maggie and Naya each to firestart and get all 5 burning, for at least one turn each

What I always wondered: could there be a chance, they both spread it to the same toon and the second activation of firestarter is therefore nullified?

The main reservation I have is too many things render the setup unpredictable at best.

I have camila, will have Maggie and could have naya. Supposing camila doesn’t kill her target, you could double trigger fire starter from Maggie and Naya. So now you’ve got 3 (maybe 4) burning for 900. But raids are so quick and that’s a hefty chunk of damage, either you’re killing with fire and thus allowing for revive loop or working on delayed damage which is weird and unreliable.

Would be sweet if death by burn prevented revive.