Madison Offer (15 chars)

So this is the new offer for Madison that’s up for me right now:

Weapon is the one she had when she was a promo (+35 atk over 60%) worth?

Worth? I think shes amazing! Shes a rainbow lead that can destroy carl and gabe teams but i dont think any toon even a 6* like lydia or erika is worth $75 but thats just me


this is probably the only offer I’ve seen thats worth it lol… and yet for me its 80 bucks here in Aus and I already have her thank god lol


Alright guys thx for the feedback. Picked her up. Always wanted her when she first came out

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She’s been relegated for Andrea on my team. But she’s solid.

I grabbed her as well

she’s a beast. I just hope you don’t get screwed like I always do and pull her as a dupe in like a week lol


For her leadership alone she’s worth it.

Need her for those Melee smashing teams.

Lol yeah I expect to get a dupe of her at some point

madison square garden



seems like a better-than-before deal.

legendary toon used to cost $139 CDN, madison costs only $67 CDN, and with a 4* weapon.

i guess scopely is experimenting to see what the “bottom line” is for players. sometimes you reduce the price, but you might get a boost in quantity.

She is boss she even hits crazy hard can clean house if you boost her attack high or use defense down on your foes.

One of my favorite toons in the game


A decent offer, I wanted to buy it, but then I realised I already have a good team for revives/shield and other shits

One of the very best offensive leaders for $50 is a bargain.

I get my value out of her. Solid lead stun skill. Not gonna be outdated anytime soon.

No regrets Definitely worth it.


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