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Might pull she seems pretty good for an anti melee team…

Anyone who has her feel free to comment whether or not she is worth it…


Very meh compared to other red 6*s. Stun active is all shes got going for herself


Don’t have but liked her ever since I saw her leak she definitely makes the hit list for me for a few reasons.

  1. Leaderskill
  2. Active skill
  3. High attack stat
  4. Multi hitter
    Reasons 1 and 2 is what will keep her longevity in the game so she is a good investment. I will add to say that you can get away with not having her if reasons 1 and 2 are your reasons why u want her as you can always use 5* red kenny(5 :star2: tokens) or red andrea(recently added to supply depo) for the 45 attack against melee leaderskill and if you have shiva then you are covered for the stun active skill.

Overall I’d smash.


Shes awesome definitely worth pulling for :ok_hand:


She’s good I want her but I’m not pulling much anymore if I was willing to spend I’d try for her. I will pull for that green alpha that I saw a leak of though, I’ve been saving tap joy, pass, and video coins to pull for her since i saw the leak of her. I wish they would hurry up and release her though I’m impatient and bad at saving stuff in the game.


She is a very great toon for a limited use case: Attacking melee teams.
If this ism the area were you need improvement, she will for sure help you.
I am running a rainbow team with her, very successfully. I have also Erika in that rainbow, she helps as the toons don’t have melee or defense boosts.


I’ll do a single with free coins but thats it, don’t see why i should be arsed spending when the company can’t be arsed to look at our issues properly.


I have her and I have too say, as an attack toon she is an absolute game changer against melee teams. On def she is not very good, but as an attack leader with greens and reds she goes through Carl and Vincent lead teams like butter.

I spent some $$ on her and I do not regret it at all. Hope that helps!


Just did a 10 pull, no luck. 10 4*.

Tried 4 single pulls after that and got Blue Revive Rosita.

Not worth it


She is awesome offensive toon. Meh on defense but who cares, any good player will get through any defense now anyway just a matter of how fast. She helps a lot with fast vs mele.


Ten Pull


You lucky Two"dogg" lol


great anti melee lead. large benefit for anyone having issues w/ carl, vincent, rosita leads. mixed red w green team very very effective. aside from that, not a lot of use - bad on defense, and wouldnt replace someone like Ty, Siddiq or Dwight on an anti ranged team with her. Laura is the more popular choice (if you wanted a stun active) for anti-ranged.


Have you seen jabs videos with her as lead
Maybe you might want to reconsider
I mean she autos Carl teams soooooo
If that’s anything to go to by that’s far from meh


Mirabelle autos carl teams?

I dont even look at whos on carl teams anymore with the addition of the new governor.