Madison leaderskill not working properly



i’ve tested madison as lead yesterday and something is wrong with her. one of her leaderskills is large bonus to ap when attacking, which is 7 ap bonus.
When setting up a team with her as lead and only weapons, that dont give any bonus to ap, you can see following.
after first strike char has 27 ap (which is expected)
after second strike 53 ap (54 expected)

You can see a mismatch already in the first strike, when you use ap bonus weapons, that give bonus at the start of the wave.

Can you confirm that this is a bug and when this will be fixed?



It’s actually 6.5 for large. Sorry to disappoint. Weapons function the same way…


this is a new information to me. i was not aware. I thought that values are stored in the char as values rounded to .0 This is really a strange behaviour. The game is storing internally different values as shown to the player.
what are the exact values for the other ap bonus values at attack?
How exact is the value, that is calculated/ stored? e.g 1 or more values after the dot?


Summon @CombatMan and @CombatDevIl


It is probably related to this issue:

I will take a look.


I noticed the same thing and am curious to know whether it is a bug or deliberate.


@CombatDevIl i think if its really a bug it goes far beyond what is stated in the linked post. The linked post says something that the values are potentially rounded after calculation and then stored as rounded value, but with an update will be rounded individually.
The experience with madison and in general with all at least large bonus weapons is, that internally not a rounded value is stored, but some float value.
If this is not a bug, but intended it is really important for experienced players to know the calculation if you are creating special teams optimized on ap gain.


Yeah Large is 6.5, and has been since Weapon Crafting was added to the game.

Pre Weapon Crafting
Small: 3
Medium: 5
Large: 8
Huge: 10

Post Weapon Crafting
Minor: 3
Small: 4
Medium: 5
Large: 6.5
Very Large: 8
Huge: 10

^ When that change happened we updated all existing content to match the new wordings

As mentioned by @CombatDevIl above, we did a change recently to make % increases round up to the nearest whole value, but additive values (Which are just the Leader + Weapon + Stronghold AP on Attack bonuses) still work as floats. I believe the system will round you off so if you’re at 44.5/45 it counts as 45/45.

This could be changed but I’m hesitant to do so because it either

  • Makes the value 6 and functions as a nerf to Large bonuses
  • Makes the value a full 7 and eats into the value of crafting a Very Large bonus vs a Large bonus.

Neither are really optimal situations unfortunately.