Madison is still usefull?


i just got red madison from 5☆ token and i dont know if i should lever her up and waste gear on her. i have this teams right now and a few others 6☆


Save your gear


Nope, she’s shit.


She definitely has potential with the right mods and the right team setup.


useful for holding my beer

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I pursued her for a long time. She opens doors for attack team comps, especially if you struggle with melee teams. She used to be the one beforw Alice. If you don’t have Alice, I’d recommend using Madison or even red Tara if you have at minimum tier 2 6 star

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depends what green and reds do u have


Still use mine but that’s because I am gear locked thank you gear drought 2.0


I use red Kennyt (cheap version of madison) with bruce, shiva, glenn and boobs

before bruce I used dual shivas
good team against melee leads for us f2p

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