Madison is a free for all guys any top faction can dominate it



What a crybaby.

Sounds like you have been kicked from a faction and this is your idea of revenge.

Sucks to be you


go, change the region, enjoy the game and later quit when you’ll have enough. that is a good plan.


Kinda wane nake this fun my wife just transfered here


The point is there is no competition id like this to be more lively


Why did you wait til your faction kicked you to go looking to recruit new factions?

Seems like a lie you have tacked on now to not look petty


Lol assumptions assumptions


Not really an assumption you have spelled it out in this thread


I think it’s pretty easy to see through this revenge campaign​:joy::joy: I recommend transfer and move on , whyou be miserable in a dying region trying to get other people to come and join in your misery?

It’s to difficult to even get 100k in AOW in Madison with search times hour long , forget about ever getting the 200k there during AOW.


I know people just like you, Semperfi22. You’re one of those douchenozzle spenders who just wants to measure your schlong against other douchenozzle spenders like yourself. It’s a shame that your shortcomings aren’t worth it.

I’m in Madison and we’re doing just fine, thank you. The last thing the region needs is more whale factions to come in and poop in the water. If you find it so unpleasant, please don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out



Don’t worry bro I don’t think anyone is going to fall for this trash.


Weird region flex but ok


Am thoroughly entertained by this thread thou


This is hilarious but sad…
Very sad…


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