Madison is a free for all guys any top faction can dominate it



Capsule corp 1ste, other one 2nd, and something 2.0 3rd we ended up last.


I am out to destroy my previous faction.


The caliber type of a player i am i cant join those shitty factions i am not carring anyone.


I wane play with like minded players not seattle for anything less id rather sell my toons and quite.


And there it is.

No one is going to go join a dead region just so you can get petty revenge.


Its not about the revenge its about competition


Uhmm… cool story bro


A dead region is an open oppertunity to gain wtf is wrong with yall.


Lets ask a simple question u guys talk as if u the nr1 fa tion in your region what is your rank? Just out of interest?


Well in this region u can be better off where u are currently look at the ss i posted there 3 top teams. Its a joke!


Top 10 scientists that outsmarted Einstein


Hahaha i am giving u guys a heads up on an open region and u think i sm taking the piss wtf lol tell me ur ranks currently i wane laugh. Plz


Sounds like somebody got the boot eh?


Not sure which is worse the bitterness or your spelling. The 22 in your name is probably pretty close to your iq I would guess.


Actually i lol who ■■■■■■■ cares


Are you ok? You dont seem ok…


Ahhh fuckit the msg is out there.


I am emotional


Rank 1 in region rank 10 on top 16 factions list and wouldn’t go to Madison :wink:


All good bro no one is forcing anyone