Madison is a free for all guys any top faction can dominate it



Are your faction battling so hard in your region it makes it not fun, move to madison and be king of the ring. Region is dead we need some new blood some top factions. Something to stirr the norm. Plz consider moving on in. U wil not be disappointed.


Or you could transfer out ? I was in Madison, why move to a region you can’t get war milestones come AOW. Need to start closing off inbound transfers to dead regions eventually.


I made 200k last war


Its pretty active but nothing that can take the crown or represent in crw.



But really, people are way too attached to their own region. It is much much easier for you to move your own faction to another region than to ask 3-5 (or however many) other factions to move to your region.

You might say you like the people and the culture of your own region, but will that still be true once other factions move in and you’re dominated?


That is what i want a dominant active crazy region come and dominate it, from talbot we campaigned on the forums boom the region was a killer. Want that need that its a free for all i was in top faction we dominate everything all the time. Need comp and i wane take on my old faction destroy them.


Its as open as a free hooker on x the more 3rd place rejects strugling in there own region to get 2nd or 1ste can grab the prize. We need it i want u for scopely.


Sounds like a trap


Why would it be a trap its straight up opwn for anyone. Tbere is no competition giys playing with mirras teams spend nothing to raid is a no brainer put it on autoplay


Go on the forms war history for madison and see how laim it is open straight up region i cant even join a faction because my previous faction dominate all currently.


Its so sad and i am just putting the word out that if u want a good home where u can build this is the place.


The current factions here are 0 to none competiotion. Its a steam roller hoot hoot out the motherfucking way. Steamroller


Die bitches die def everyone with 5* teams lol


We the only faction in crw that made top 10 all the rest where here from 34 down we came last ill ss


You just talkiu to urself? @Semperfi22


Somehow, I think perhaps there’s more to it that you’re not able to join a faction. More than just the fact that you were previously in a dominant faction. Just a hunch.