Made this while we wait for Andrea


I made this to help pass the time while we all wait for the release of Andrea.


Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took a second to check this out. It’s appreciated. Hope everyone pulls the toon they have been wanting from the anniversary wheel. Good luck!


Well done mate


Thanks, appreciate it. I also have a .mp4 version with the theme music but it seems I can’t upload that here. Bummer. :frowning_face:


It’s a cool video but I don’t understand how everybody can demand that she’s not nerfed when all we’ve seen is the artwork.


Pretty nice!!

I see what you did there :wink:


It’s meant as a joke. Not everything is mean to be taken literally.

It’s all good @DecaturSwine. Besides I thought the joke went well with the expression on her face. Take care.


Can’t tell around here most times. My apologies mate.


Nice that was cool


Thanks, I appreciate it and thank you as well to everyone else who did too.


Now you know they’re totally gonna nerf her
bound weapon > a water pistol
Part of her AR will have stun
With a bikini outfit with stat > splash DMG
(cos why not :joy: )


:thinking: Well the probably weren’t until you just gave them all these awesome ideas. :rofl:

Comming soon Bikini Babes of TWD. :heart_eyes:


Looks like Yumiko and Magna are down for it. :grin:


I want to blame someone in the forums, who’s post I can not find right now, typical :joy:

Better yet make it ala DOA we have enough babes in WD, ofc no KoeiTecmo physics for the assets


They are working on a DOA 6. Maybe we can get some Walking Dead DLC for it. :rofl:


What ever happened to the stun gun Clem promo


LMAO oh that would be golden haha!


Whatever her eventual card is when she’s released will be a nerfed version of what’s in my mind, maaaaaaan.


I would assume she will stay true to her 5-star version. Hoping for 40% Att and Huge AR to all Tough. Also, hope we don’t have to wait much longer. What a tease they are with updating her model and then nothing.


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No, your right. My mistake. It’s fixed now, thanks.

I usually call them by colors but it sounds so kindergarten-like so the one time I don’t, of course, I make a stupid mistake. :grin:

I made a mnemonic device to help me learn to avoid making the same mistake in the future. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I stick to colors haha, i can remove my post now