Made it to the 1,000 club

Made it to the 1,000 club


Wonder how many of us are.


It says in your profile

I would be 1k aswell but When adelaide had its big power lines knocked down by worse thunderstorm of the year i lost it

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That sux you need a solar charger. I almost lost it a few months ago when beta players got locked out for 23hrs

That beta incident happened to me but was asleep when it got unlocked, that sucked.

Does this mean you spent 1,000 dollars?

Lol. Times about ten

congrats mine comes up soon too !

you from Adelaide ol wow me too awesome :clap:

999 days here

He spent more then 5000 dollars xD

13days left for me

this is a very fun game to play in phones but to do 1000 days of it is very sad to me i am sad for the loved ones an family because no game is better to spend time with then them I hope you all get better times a head


If there were only 3 hours in a day, I might agree with you. But there are 24 hours, so, and here’s the brilliant bit, you can do both!


Made the 1000 days also, not sure if that’s an accomplishment or sad reality about my life.


Always judging yet telling others what to do and not do lmao

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If you were in Beta from day one of prestige being launched you got the 1000. The rest of us are at 987 days if you were not in Beta at the time.

The beta launched late in the day, so European and Asian Beta players woke up to it on the second day of it’s existence, hence some are 1 day behind on 999 like myself

He’s also a member of the infamous “I cut off my peen with a blunt knife”-club. Guy really thrives for achievements.

I think you might understood. I posted asking how many of us 1000 day people are in the game because It does not say how many people are 1000 days on our profiles.

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