Macro Farming Punishment?


What action is going to be taken against those who used the Samsung Macro Farming app? Will their be discretion in the action that is taken based on the length of the offense?


I personally doubt they have the means to tell if you did it or not. I still wouldn’t recommend doing it, but I doubt they can tell what else is running on your phone at any given time.


Hmm after careful deliberation, I think the punishment should fit the crime , you have to actually play that map .


I wouldn’t be concerned over a short interval. If they tracked time of clicks / actions and found them to repeat in an identical pattern (location of click, time between each action) they could determine whether a player was using a macro farming app. Especially if these continued over long periods.

I’m unsure if they have access to other information regarding other apps in use or installed. Too lazy to look into it.

They can’t seem to stop vk purchases so im doubting they are likely to do anything unless your a major abuser.


What about punishment for the CS agent that said it was okay? lol


Sent to the dungeon for 50 lashings… kinky


you guys are making me laugh so hard right now lol. Do you REALLY think they will do anything to macro farming??? i mean seriously they havent ban anyone from buying VK gear for the last 2 years. Scopley isnt doing shit about it so give it up.


200 hours of community farming service.


why is this banned? it does not but click for u cant do any more than that thats like saying macros on a keybored is banned in games…


I don’t know much about it. I’d normally think well it can’t do to much. But with these 0 energy roadmaps. Well that’s another story.


Someone I know got their account banned mid war for purchases from VK. I think they’re just slow to the delivery


Wish I had a Samsung to use that app. Why would you want to punish people who want to save their phone from multiple taps and end up like what happens to Apple phones?
Wouldn’t it be better to ask Scopely to make it fun, a game, and not a full time job?


Not everyone uses a phone to play this game. Just ask the people in global chat in your region. I don’t own a phone, I use bluestacks emulator to play the game. Someone once told me that using bluestacks was against the rules and kept messaging me within the game to tell me I am gonna get in trouble and I shouldn’t use bluestacks and trying to scare me and I basically told him off and told him to mind his own business.

I haven’t cheated at this game once and I don’t consider using an emulator cheating, since I don’t own a phone, and I don’t consider macros cheating either because it is just doing clicks that you programmed and that is it, although I don’t use macros because I am not that lazy that I can’t click myself. There will be no punishment for using the macro program, if there is any punishment then the punishment will be that they won’t release a 0 energy roadmap again if they really don’t want you using macros.


Just a heads-up, in case anyone missed it in another thread.

Like almost everything in life, if one were to go against the “rules”, then one is putting oneself at risk of reaping negative consequences. Sometimes, the consequences are immediate and at other times, they are delayed.

Only Scopely can determine what punishment fits any eventual breach of the ToS, but I personally wouldn’t risk it.


think they should go afar the real cheaters tbh.


I’m ok with macro farming as long as you’re using your world energy refills. 0 energy roadmap is totally different though and that’s not fair. Anyway Scopely has already spoken and it’s pretty clear.


My take on macros is they are the smallest fish to fry. If VK wasn’t an issue, I might be concerned about this, but in the scheme of things, someone farming for 4 weapons isn’t anywhere near someone buying tier 4 6* toons.


I don’t see why everyone is going nuts over this. You can use a programmable mouse to do the same thing. It is just recording your screen clicks. And because once your wood, survivors, etc are full they give you that annoying pop up, it’s not like the macro can run forever. The pop up will stop the macro from working. A macro is not an automation bot.


Click stage, click auto mode…wait 1 min…click collect, click stage click auto mode…wait 1 min…wait am i the robot?


The more advanced macro programs out there can be programmed to use “if then” sequences. If this image pops up, click it, follow this route, and so on. If it doesn’t, continue with the original script. We can program computers to beat the worlds greatest chess players(a game with millions of possibilities), a macro to have two trees of actions based on results popping up isn’t anything crazy