Mackenzie and zach recovers heal reduction from dead toons

So I just notice something weird today while playing onslaught.
See I have bleu Elena and I use her on my attaque team to keep the dead enemies dead .
What happened today is that I used elena Rush in t3 and killed zac in the same turn , Mackenzie use her rush in the other side
What happened is when Mackenzie used her rush first , rick revived zach ?
Wtf it was the first time I saw the happened.
The game is full of bugged
How recover penalties from a dead mate ?

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I have seen Mia revive toons that are under 100% heal reduction which is not supposed to happen. This is an ongoing issue.

Basically, the dead is not dead until you decap it. So, a dead toon under 100% heal reduction effect is cureable not reviveable though, yet. As mackenzie ar remove all penalties from allies, so it also remove heal reduction on dead allies that makes them reviveable. It is not bug. Use this trick many times already

Might as well let them heal up too then.Yep this is a bug and annoying.

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