Mackenzie and now Koa on sale

wow… revive and shield?

What’s next?


is this Game gonna close in next year?
These offers are make me even more nervous…


Thats what im hoping. Thats the only reason i didnt get mack

WAW Here goes my X mas money lmao

Upcoming CRW is going to be a huge clusterfuck of boredom. Not like it’s already shield/revive loops everywhere now it’s going to be even more of that utter BS. Only two entities winning in this are Scopely (people will need moar and moar cans to score their milestones) and the Hackers that will run you over regardless with their proven attack formation of five 1* Georges. They just keep milking it while they still can.

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Its frustrating as hell.
I’m a low level spender without a disarm but i’ve always found a way to make it work.
The period we are in now is the hardest its ever been for people who don’t drop thousands on the game.


yeah… This is hella frustrating… I am really scared if scopely have plan to close the game.

if scopely will close this game, It makes sense coz they might wanna grab a lot of money before close

No cause they will come out with someone better faster etc.

If people are spending money like this, they’ll never close it.
You don’t close a gold mine until its empty.

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Those who are buying are simply contributing to the developers Xmas bonus. Yes me included :relieved::relieved:

I wanted Mackenzie for awhile, couldn’t pass up this offer. But no to Koa and the weapons…

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its just two revives and over. it aint worth.

not spending after they stole my andrea :muscle:

Lets face facts, folks. Scopely is going to keep popping these offers up as long as they keep getting bought. its kind of insulting, really. Especially to the long term players who stuck it out with this game through the briefest of times when things were good, and the epoch of missteps, glitches and blatant cash grab.

The fact that ANYONE stuck around after the first war debacle and the ToS fights is amazing.

They stole your Andrea? I was able to keep mine, you should check your roster again

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its Christmas and scopely needs their bonus

watch them release a super op toon or have lydia or erika for sale for 200 bucks

Ok. So now yellow neutralize beta’s on sale.
Please please please scopely let the next one be red Louis.

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For real I’m surprised they put out a guaranteed revive and shield for $100 but not a disarm yet.

I’ll pay 300 for erika or lydia, scipely make it happen, I would buy 5 of each

I’d pay at least $500 for this hunk. Look at that amazing AR and leader skill. And 160 AR at 1/10?!?! That’s like 80 over the average, amazing if you ask me.

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