Lydia's weapon?

Just pulled her, wondering how to build her weapon:

  1. 40% HP or 35% def?
  2. AP when attacking or defending? Thinking attack since she’s mostly shielded but on the other hand there’s always focus and AOE dmg

40 hp, ap on attack, give her defense set mods.

That’s what I did with mine works well


HP since she’s very vulnerable to bleed/burn deaths. I also went HUGE AP on attack.

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Did the same with mine.

I have done the same too but replacing the HP with def and putting defence suit mods would be better

Absolute defense is useless against disarm toons, replace it with +30def and it’s solid

No not at all. Everything on a weapon is useless to disarm toons. Keep the abs d and do what everyone else is suggesting to do

Ummm everything is useless when a toon is disarmed


Shhhhh :wink::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

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Basic stat improvements of weapon still apply.

Hm didn’t know that thought it was the all around weapon but I’d still keep the absolute defense