Lydia still reviving while confused? PROBLEM SOLVED. YVETTE FOCUS. THANKS COMMUNITY



So I was not auto raiding a guy, and therefore I was paying attention, because I really wanted to control and pick through a top player’s defense. Twice in the same battle, I had Magna down and was working on Lydia. I confused her with Shiva’s AR and it showed the confused icon over her head - it wasn’t blocked by a mod. Also, as you can see in the ss, nobody on this team can repair confuse. On the very next turn, Lydia inexplicably pops her AR and revives Magna even though it still shows her as being confused for one more turn. Raiding is difficult enough, but invulnerability is going a bit too far. Also, this was against a player, not a bot.

@Shawn.Scopely @JB.Scopely If you want to find a problem to truly turn players off to the game, and I’m a nearly original player, an inability to raid due to bugs after we have figured out 5*, 6*, active skills, weapons, mods, etc and rolled with all of those changes to remain top players, this is it.

Please fix.


Yvette has focus. Cancels the confuse.


Next level bugs - game play mechanics


If it cancelled it, wouldn’t the icon go away like when stun or impair is cured?


No. 7 chars


Focus bypasses the confuse, so you will still see the confuse symbol over the character’s head, and that leads to a lot of player confusion. The symbols will cycle through if you wait, so when a character has both the confuse symbol and the focus symbol, expect the character to be able to use their rush/active/command.


Well crikey. I was 100% sure that all focus did was to make them ignore shields. It makes them ignore everything? Ok Scopely, bring back that $74.99 offer. I’m ready to buy!

Thanks, community members. I’ll go get better at raiding. Lol


A nearly original player who doesn’t understand game mechanics. :+1:
Promo toons can’t help much if you don’t understand these.



Ahhh the joys of assholes on the internet. Claps for the keyboard warrior. I don’t use focus so i misunderstood what it did. :kissing_heart: