Lydia stash how much

Anyone know how much the stadh us to complete? Odds sre she will be the last thing to get out of it.

If anything like the Diego stash it’ll cost 230 bucks to complete the stash

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Not worth it unless your in a new/young region.

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How are odds of getting Lydia .5% (1 in 200) when there are only 60 items?

@Sleestak Do you not understand how odds work?

Go to VK and buy the stash for $75 ))


Lydia was 84 CT for me :joy:


How much is that in US?

She,s easy to beat now, save your money or use Eric

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The meta is changing I feel her to become more useful when folks figure it out.

The First Time I have Luck about it😅


I only see an offer for 2 tokens, where do you buy the rest?

Buy one offer and another pops up… buy that one and another pops up…repeat…

She’s only obsolete for the whales. She’s still annoying for 90 percent of the players. But if your a mild spender, you should be focusing on attack not defense.


Thanks! Is it still the same price with same # of tokens or does it go up?

Yes, I understand how odds work, that’s why I asked the question…i’m thinking maybe you do not. If there are only 60 things in the stash, and they get checked off as you go, the odds should be 1 in 60 for your 1st pull…1 in 59 for your second pull assuming you did not receive Lydia in your first pull etc…basically the odds should never be worse than 1 in 60…not 1 in 200

No it keeps going up and up.

That’s under the assumption that all are weighted evenly. Which they are not.


If I buy 60 pulls…aren’t the chances that I get a Lydia 100%? If so, then the odds are equal for any one item. This isn’t hard math.